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Driemanskap Featured in Guardian (UK)

March 17, 2011 Culture, Press No Comments

SA hip-hop: Rapping in vernac

SA hip-hop: Rapping in vernac

Driemanskap were featured in an article titled, Hip-hop: who represents South Africa, in the UK-based newspaper, the Guardian. The article, written by South African ex-pat, Rob Boffard, was also re-printed in South Africa’s Mail & Guardian under the title, SA hip-hop: Rapping in vernac.

El Nino speaks frankly about the state of the music industry, particularly in relation to the type of music that gets the most airplay in South Africa…

“They’re not giving us time, because we don’t sound American – we’re South African to the core. We talk about real social ills that are affecting my people. And South Africa, my friend, is about mediocrity. Mediocrity sells here.”

El Nino went on to question the undue influence US hip hop still has on its South African counterpart, “Hip-hop started in the Bronx, but now it’s in Africa. Why can’t we do it our own way?”.

Check out the full article on the Guardian (UK)
Check out the full article on the Mail & Guardian (SA)

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Ben Sharpa – “King of Grime”

January 25, 2010 Press No Comments

Ben Sharpa - King of Grime

French music publication, Visual Music, has controversially hailed Ben Sharpa as the ‘King of Grime’, claiming that artists like Dizzy Rascal and Wiley have musically fallen off in their relentless paper chasing.

“In fact, the new boss of grime is not even in the United Kingdom. No, he is originally from Cape Town, South Africa. His name: Ben Sharpa”

We’re not sure how this news will go down in London, especially as we’ve never thought of Ben as a Grime artist, but if the crown fits, wear it!

Read the full article here (French)

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Rattex and spo0ky Feature in Nike IAM1 Campaign

October 29, 2009 Media, Press No Comments

Nike IAM1 Cape Burg Book Cover
Cover (Click image for larger size)

Rattex Nike IAM1
Rattex Portrait (Click image for larger size)

spo0ky Nike IAM1
spo0ky Portrait (Click image for larger size)

Rattex Nike IAM1 Launch
Rattex performing at the launch party. Courtesy TimesLive (Click image for larger size)

The Pi-Unit team just got back from 2 days in Joburg where they attended the launch party of the Nike IAM1 Cape Burg campaign. Both Rattex and spo0ky are featured artists for this campaign, recognising their achievements as ‘revolutionaries’ in their respective fields.

Part of the campaign is a beautiful book that will be distributed to selected outlets around South Africa. Look out for that! Rattex created a banging spazatronic track for the campaign (produced by Dplanet) and spo0ky created beautiful photo[graphic] design work. The track is available for download on Rattex’s interview page on the Nike Sportswear website…

Rattex interview on Nike Sportwear.com

spo0ky interview on Nike Sportswear.com

Review of Nike IAM1 launch party on the Times Live site

Project Credits
Creative Direction, Design and Writing: Roelof van Wyk, Gustav Greffrath
Interviews: Brendon Bosworth, Roger Young and Andrew Thompson (Mahala.co.za)
Photography: Warren van Rensburg (warrenvanrensburg.blogspot.com), Louis Vorster (louisvorster.com), Roelof Van Wyk, Gustav Greffrath, Xandrè Kriel
Content Manager: Stefan Naude (meatmania.blogspot.com)
Project Management: Jane Passmore
Nike South Africa: Kemi Benjamin, Sanele Xolo, Ed Collin

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Igqabhukil’ Inyongo Reviewed on Speakerbox

August 28, 2009 Press No Comments

Driemanskap - Igqabhukil' Inyongo

Nice review of Igqabhukil’ Inyongo by Driemanskap over at Speakerbox.

“The lyrics are a vicious, adrenaline-pumped barrage where rolled r’s and exploding Xhosa q’s serve as bullets to a machine-gun-fire-delivered announcement of the ‘Skap’s arrival. The album is possessive – it catches you from listening range and hauls you in, deeper, until it’s shaking from inside your skull. Like it’s meant to.”

Check out the full review here.

Support your local product and go buy the album!:
Look & Listen (across SA)
Reliable Music Warehouse (across SA)
Musica (across SA)
Ozmic’s Ritual Store, Nr. Carfax, Newtown, Johannesburg
Munks Concept Store, 10 7th Street, Melville, Johannesburg
Mabu Vinyl, Rheede St., Cape Town. (021) 423 7635
Shelflife, 119 Loop St., Cape Town. (021) 422 3931
Hi-Five, 34 Kloof St., 5 Mooikloof Centre, Cape Town. (021) 422 5455/6
African Music Store, 134 Long St., Cape Town. (021) 426 0857

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“Masterpiece” Igqabhukil’ Inyongo Reviewed in Hype Magazine

August 6, 2009 Press No Comments

Hype Magazine Cover_Aug / Sept
Hype cover (click photo for larger version)

Igqabhukil' Inyongo Review in Hype Magazine
Driemanskap review (click photo for larger version)

Driemanskap’s debut album release, Igqabhukil’ Inyongo is reviewed in the August / September issue of Hype magazine. Without wishing to give too much away, the Hype review rated the album as 4.5 out of 5.

“You must be deaf and dumb not to be moved by this masterpiece. You don’t even have to understand Xhosa to know how dope this album is.”

Support your local product – go and buy Hype magazine, and of course, go and buy yourself a copy of Igqabhukil’ Inyongo. It’s available throughout South Africa at Look & Listen, Musica and Reliable. If you’re in Cape Town, you can get it at the African Music Store – 134 Long St., Cape Town. (021) 426 0857. If you’re in J-Section, you can get it at Ozmic’s Ritual Store in Newtown. International digital downloads will be available for purchase in a month or so – keep it locked for more details.

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Ben Sharpa in Juice Magazine

July 30, 2009 Press No Comments

Your boy Ben Sharpa is doing it big once again with a feature in Europe’s biggest hip hop publication, Juice.

Ben will be doing an extensive tour of Europe in September and October, taking in around 15 dates. Watch this space for the full tour schedule.

Juice Cover (July 2009)
Front cover of Juice mag (Click photo for larger version)

Ben Sharpa Feature in Juice Magazine
Ben Sharpa feature (Click photo for larger version)

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Driemanskap in Hype Magazine

June 9, 2009 Press No Comments

Drie! (click for larger image).

The cover (click for larger image).

Check out Driemanskap in the current June / July 5th Birthday Special of Hype Magazine – on shelves now!

“El Nino sees spaza as a vehicle, making their music accessible to the people who inspire them as well as a means to preserve their language. “I come from a cultural background and honouring my traditions and customs comes first and foremost””.

Support local hip hop and get yourself a copy of Hype Magazine today!

Visuals courtesy of Hype magazine, Intelligence Publishing.

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Igqabhukil’ Inyongo – Driemanskap – Press Release

April 23, 2009 Press No Comments

Press Release For immediate release Album Release Date: 11th May 2009

Driemanskap - Igqabhukil' Inyongo - CD Artwork

Download the Igqabhukil’ Inyongo Press Kit (704k)

Listen to Igqabhukil’ Inyongo on Last FM

It has begun!

South African hip hop is about to change forever. An epic, earth-rending collision of two cultures coming together, Driemanskap embody the best socially conscious, cutting edge lyricsm of Cape Town, and the passion and deeply felt African pride of the Spaza movement. The result is a hip hop supernova, the shockwave of which will be felt across Mzanzi and beyond.

Hailing from Guguletu’s notorious KYD hood, Driemanskap members Redondo, El Nino, Ma-B and Dla are 4 of the most distinctive, real, unique and talented voices ever to come from the ghettos of the Cape Flats.

Driemanskap cut their teeth at park jams, cyphers, battles and shows for more than 7 years, establishing the beginnings of a cult following in South Africa. In 2005 they took part in the Baobab Festival where they opened for the legendary New York hip hop crew Dead Prez. Anyone who was there that night will tell you that Driemanskap stole the show! They also took part in the 2006 Tri-Continental Festival, warming up the stage for one the New York’s illest freestylers, Wordsworth, the UK’s Jonzi D and Ben Sharpa. They drove the crowd wild at Back to the City in 2008.

Having claimed number 1 spot in the Hype magazine ‘Unsigned Hype’ chart, Driemanskap also received nominations for Best Hip Hop Crew, Best Song and Best Mixtape in the 2007 Hype Awards. Driemanskap have released 2 mixtapes, Battle of Gugulethu Vol 1 and Battle of Gugulethu Vol 2. Their street anthem Go and Ask (Hamb’ubuza) also features on Pioneer Unit’s [Planetary Assault](#page_67a3706a11b4a9bc638eedcd9da346a57b3a1260#) compilation.

Like many ghetto youth, Driemanskap have been exposed to hardships and frustrations. Their unshakeable desire to prevail has turned adversity into success. Their debut album has been a long time coming and Driemanskap have used Igqabhukil’ Inyongo to vent many years of pent-up frustration, passion, creativity and raw energy.

Translated literally from isiXhosa, Igqabhukil’ Inyongo means ‘the gall bladder bursts’. However, it is a common expression that loosely translates as, ‘things are about to get crazy’ and there’s no false advertising here!

On Igqabhukil’ Inyongo Driemanskap draw inspiration not only from street life in the ghettos of the Cape Flats, they also delve deep into traditional African culture. The album contains moving songs with universal themes of hope, love and the importance of home and family. It also addresses African unity, the determination to stay strong through adversity and Driemanskap’s commitment to their art. The vocal dexterity, fearsome passion and street-hardened lyricism with which Driemanskap deliver each track paints a vivid and moving portrait of kasi life.

Musically, Igqabhukil’ Inyongo is a Spaza masterpiece constructed around classic, rugged hip hop beats. Richly layered samples reference traditional South African music, reggae, soul and jazz. Diverse and well-rounded, the album contains inspirational, soulful melodies, visceral, powerful choruses and chants, and, of course, rugged street anthems.

On production is El Nino, Planet Earth, Hipe, Dplanet and Beatology. Between them, they have helped shape the hip hop landscape in South Africa and beyond, having produced classic material for Pro Kid, Zubz, Teargas, Ben Sharpa, Imbube, Black Lez, Proverb, Wordsworth (USA), Tumi, Nemza (Skwatta Kamp), Ready D, KONFAB, Young Nations and many more.

There are guest features by Kanyi (fresh from rocking the Cape Town Jazz Festival with Rus Nerwich), Black Dillinger (making waves in the international Reggae scene), Siya, Sugar, Macho and Bizzah. Guguletu is definitely in the house!

The gall bladder has burst – and things will never be the same.

Track List

01. Intro (02’22)

02. 2000 We Shine Ft. Black Dillinger (03’26)

03. Anti-Xenophobia (05’07)

04. Better Tomorrow (04’20)

05. Bambelela Ft. Sugar (04’44)

06. iSilo (Skit) Ft. Bizzah and Siya (01’46)

07. Camagu (04’43)

08. Ivamna (Love Potion) (04’23)

09. Peep This (Skit) (01’07)

10. iZtreets Zam (03’56)

11. Tsotsi (03’50)

12. Hip Hop SoulJahs Ft. Kanyi and Siya (04’21)

13. Sphithiphithi (04’39)

14. Mama Ft. Siya (04’48)

15. I Miss Home (04’17)

16. I Will Make It Ft. Siya (04’52)

17. Bless Us Jah Ft. Siya (04’19)

18. Ngcosiz from Guguletu (Skit) (01’13)

19. S’phum’eGugs Ft. Macho and Kanyi (05’41)

Booking Driemanskap

Contact Hardy: info (at) hitentertainment (dot) co (dot) za

Where to buy:

Look & Listen (across SA)

Reliable Music Warehouse (across SA)

Musica (across SA)

Ozmic’s Ritual Store, Nr. Carfax, Newtown, Johannesburg

Munks Concept Store, 10 7th Street, Melville, Johannesburg

Mabu Vinyl, Rheede St., Cape Town. (021) 423 7635

Shelflife, 119 Loop St., Cape Town. (021) 422 3931

Hi-Five, 34 Kloof St., 5 Mooikloof Centre, Cape Town. (021) 422 5455/6

African Music Store, 134 Long St., Cape Town. (021) 426 0857

If your local retailer doesn’t have it on the shelf, don’t forget to order it at the counter!


Driemanskap Bio (Zipped Word Doc.) (93k)

Driemanskap Hi-res Album Artwork (818k)

Driemanskap Press Photos (Print) (6.6 MB)

Driemanskap Press Photos (Web) (1.2 MB)

Driemanskap on Myspace

Become a Driemanskap Facebook fan

Igqabhukil’ Inyongo Press Kit (704k):

Press kit contains: Bio / Album artwork / Igqabhukil’ Inyongo Press Release / Track List & Production Credits

Videos: Fakes and Snakes

El Nino in AmaVuvuzela by Imbube

I Will Make It (Rehearsal)

Driemanskap Rehearsal Freestyle

Note to media: for more information, artist biogs, press photos, audio samples and other press opportunities, please contact Damian at Pioneer Unit.

E-mail: pioneerunit@gmail.com

Call: +27 (83) 658 8921. For distribution enquiries, please contact Soul Candi:

E-mail: leyton @soulcandidistribution.co.za.

Call: +27 (0)11 880 5662.

Rattex in Obrigado Magazine

April 9, 2009 Press No Comments

Rattex in Obrigado Magazine (Cover)

Rattex in Obrigado Magazine

Check out your boy Rattex in the latest edition of Obrigado magazine, which is available free of charge at any Vida e Caffe coffee shop.

Rah brought his unique brand of kasi swag to the ‘zoo’ theme of the feature where he appears as a,,, rat!

“One listen to D’s Molotov cocktail of boom-bap beats and grimy digitalia and you’ll hear just why Rattex was inspired to write some of the most poisonously real tales to come out of the Cape since Prophets of da City.”
– Miles Keylock.

Visuals courtesy of Obrigado magazine. Creative Director: Georgia Gardner / Photographer: Xander Ferreira

Check out the behind the scenes photos here

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Pioneer Unit Twitter Promo

March 25, 2009 Marketing, Press No Comments

What’s up people.

Have you all heard of Twitter.com? Everyone from Kanye West to Xzibit to Puff Daddy to South African cats like Proverb and Imbube are using Twitter.

Naturally Pioneer Unit has been on Twitter for a while now too.

It’s basically a web-based service that works like the status update on Facebook, or in their words…

“Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?”

We’d like our friends and fans to start following us on Twitter because it’s a really cool way for you to keep up to date with what we’re doing.

What you’ll get:

- Updates about live events

- Tour information

- News from the studio

- Behind the scenes updates

- Album release news

- Links to free MP3s

- Links to latest videos

- Random stuff about what we’re currently doing

What you won’t get: – An inbox full of junk promo mail

To help sweeten the deal, we will be giving away Pioneer Unit hampers (signed CDs/ stickers/ badges) to every 100th follower we get on Twitter. Every 1000th follower will get a hamper plus a cash prize of R500*.

To follow Pioneer Unit on Twitter:

1. Go to http://www.twitter.com and create and account – it’s easy, quick and free.

2. Go to http://www.twitter.com/pioneerunit and click ‘follow’.

3. Encourage all your friends to follow us.

That’s it.

See you on Twitter!

*South Africa residents only


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