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Ewe Nje by Rattex featured in new Halls commercial

October 4, 2012 Media, Music, News, Video No Comments

This is one of the reasons we object to being called an ‘underground’ hip hop label. Sure, we put out music that doesn’t fit the standard pop radio format, but don’t get it twisted, we’re not trying to starve out here!

We recently placed Rattex’s street banger, ‘Ewe Nje’, in a Halls commercial. The track, produced by Hipe, is about how mainstream media has turned its back on real street music, preferring the image-conscious to the conscious. In the hook, Rattex proclaims that, ‘they can try, but they’ll never stop us – for real!’

‘Ewe Nje’ can be found on Rattex’s extended EP, ‘Streets, Raps & Us’. You can order the CD or download the music by visiting our online store.

Check out the Halls commercial…

…and check out the video for Ewe Nje…

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Driemanskap #3 on Twitter in South Africa

March 5, 2011 Media, News 1 Comment

Driemanskap #3 on Twitter in SA
Click image to view larger

Driemanskap ‘trended’ at #3 on social networking platform Twitter in South Africa after their video for S’phum’eGugs was show on SABC1’s prime time music show, Live, for the second time on Friday.

Damian ‘Dplanet’ Stephens, the CEO of Pioneer Unit stated, ‘We were overwhelmed by the response immediately after the video was shown on Live. Twitter and Facebook went crazy with messages of support for Driemanskap. I’ve never seen anything like it.’.

“Driemanskap reminds me of Skwatta Kamp during the days of Kut n Joint, when they were still hungry.”

“That shorty on driemanskap video the best the female rapper I have heard from SA..hands down..Khanyi u the shit.”

“Props 2 @Driemanskap. Its refreshing 2 hear & see sum Real HipHop on TV!!:-) Kats just made my nite!!! Peace to @livesabc1 for showing love”

The video even attracted the attention of well known South African musicians, Psyfo and Amu.

“Stil can’t get over that driemanskap track!!!! Shettttt!!!!!!!! Beat is still playing in my head!!!!!!!”

“I cant get over Driemaskap…I wanna work with these guys”

S’phum’eGugs is the second video release taken from Driemanskap’s debut album Igqabhukil’ Inyongo. The track features Macho and Kanyi with Planet Earth on Production.

You can vote for Driemanskap as the Artist of the Week at MTV Iggy (scroll to bottom of page).

Here’s the video that’s creating all the buzz…

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Rattex: Labour of Love & Hard Entertainment

May 31, 2010 Interview, Media No Comments

Rattex: Labour Of Love & Hard Entertainment

While we were recording Rattex’s forthcoming EP, Streets, Raps & Us, our friend Mikko Kapenen joined us to take some photos, watch the recording process and conduct a couple of interviews for an article he was writing.

Originally from Finland, Mikko lectures in film, media studies and various radio-related topics. He has a broad background in radio, ranging from commercial, public sector and community. Lastly, but definitely not least, he is also a hip hop head who promotes South African hip hop whenever he gets the chance.

Chuck D, me and Shaqir
Mikko (left) with the legendary Chuck D of Public Enemy.

After what seemed like no time at all, Mikko wrote a fantastic article on Rattex called, Rattex: Labour of Love & Hard Entertainment. It’s not your typical vanity piece bigging up an artist and regurgitating their press releases, it actually gives you a real view of what being a musician in South Africa is all about.

I attended a Red Bull workshop with Wordsworth where he said that rappers are guilty of perpetuating industry myths because they only ever talk in clichés about everything being ‘all good’, or ‘you know how we do’, ‘we ballin” etc. No one ever talks about the realities of being a musician, so aspiring artists have no guidance to help them navigate the industry.

So, with that in mind, I highly recommend that you read Mikko’s article!

Read and download Rattex: Labour of Love & Hard Entertainment at Scribd

Check out Mikko’s blog, Welfare State of Mind

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spo0ky / Rattex Collaborate for NIKE IAM1 Campaign

Anne-Sophie Leens aka spo0ky created a set of images to illustrate the concept of a track Rattex made for the Nike IAM1 campaign called, AirMaxin’. The track is about Rattex’s desire to succeed, despite the limiting expectations some township people try to force upon him.

Rattex uses his new Nikes as a metaphor for ‘making it’ – they are a symbol of success, but they also represent the daily hustle to survive and escape the forces that are trying to hold him back.

‘Movement’ is an essential part of any journey. spo0ky’s images show Rattex in series of dynamic situations which are distilled metaphors for overcoming the negative aspects of his environment that are trying to hold him back – there are always obstacles in his path, but by making the right choices with constant purpose, he stay on the right path.

spo0ky / Rattex / NIKE IAM1 (Collaboration)
Click image for larger version

spo0ky / Rattex / NIKE IAM1 (Collaboration)
Click image for larger version

spo0ky / Rattex / NIKE IAM1 (Collaboration)
Click image for larger version

spo0ky / Rattex / NIKE IAM1 (Collaboration)
Click image for larger version

spo0ky / Rattex / NIKE IAM1 (Collaboration)
Click image for larger version

spo0ky / Rattex / NIKE IAM1 (Collaboration)
Click image for larger version

spo0ky / Rattex / NIKE IAM1 (Collaboration)
Click image for larger version

spo0ky / Rattex / NIKE IAM1 (Collaboration)
Click image for larger version

spo0ky for NIKE IAM1 on Nikesportswear.com

Rattex for NIKE IAM1 on Nikesportswear.com

spo0ky IAM1 interview on Mahala.co.za

Download Airmaxin’ by Rattex – MP3 – 8.69 MB

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Rattex and spo0ky Feature in Nike IAM1 Campaign

October 29, 2009 Media, Press No Comments

Nike IAM1 Cape Burg Book Cover
Cover (Click image for larger size)

Rattex Nike IAM1
Rattex Portrait (Click image for larger size)

spo0ky Nike IAM1
spo0ky Portrait (Click image for larger size)

Rattex Nike IAM1 Launch
Rattex performing at the launch party. Courtesy TimesLive (Click image for larger size)

The Pi-Unit team just got back from 2 days in Joburg where they attended the launch party of the Nike IAM1 Cape Burg campaign. Both Rattex and spo0ky are featured artists for this campaign, recognising their achievements as ‘revolutionaries’ in their respective fields.

Part of the campaign is a beautiful book that will be distributed to selected outlets around South Africa. Look out for that! Rattex created a banging spazatronic track for the campaign (produced by Dplanet) and spo0ky created beautiful photo[graphic] design work. The track is available for download on Rattex’s interview page on the Nike Sportswear website…

Rattex interview on Nike Sportwear.com

spo0ky interview on Nike Sportswear.com

Review of Nike IAM1 launch party on the Times Live site

Project Credits
Creative Direction, Design and Writing: Roelof van Wyk, Gustav Greffrath
Interviews: Brendon Bosworth, Roger Young and Andrew Thompson (Mahala.co.za)
Photography: Warren van Rensburg (warrenvanrensburg.blogspot.com), Louis Vorster (louisvorster.com), Roelof Van Wyk, Gustav Greffrath, Xandrè Kriel
Content Manager: Stefan Naude (meatmania.blogspot.com)
Project Management: Jane Passmore
Nike South Africa: Kemi Benjamin, Sanele Xolo, Ed Collin

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