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Ben Sharpa in session

March 9, 2007 In Studio No Comments

Green Ben 05

We done did it again!

Ben Sharpa smashed another studio session last night! He dropped a hot sixteen on ‘Kill Ya Sound’ (that also features Capelton, KONFAB, Oracle Flo & Terror MC) – trust me, this verse is like nothing you’ve heard before and you’re gonna be rewinding it many, many times.

We also finished a track called ‘Where in the World’ on a beat by yours truly. It’s another Sharpa classic along the lines of ‘Into the Black’ – deep, dark and brutal.

That’s how we roll!

Terror working on debut album, ‘Terrorism’.

March 5, 2007 In Studio No Comments

Terror MC

We’ve started recording Terror’s debut album ‘Terrorism’. This kid is hungry as hell and has the talent to match. Undoubtedly one of the illest Afrikaans-language rhyme spitters to grab a mic, Terror brings the rugged street music straight from heart of the Cape Flats.

Terror has seen more than his share of hardship coming up on the Flats, including a period of incarceration. His hunger to succeed has seen him turn his life around and all his energy is now focused on his music.

You’ll be able to get a taste of Terror’s unique dexterity in the Afrikaans language on the Planetary Assault Mixtape which will be out soon. His first single, ‘Liberate Yourself’ is already tearing up the airwaves and bumping in the rides of those in know around Cape Town.

Look out for production from myself, Hipe, Ameen (aka Wimpbeats) and a variety of international producers TBC. [Check Terror on myspace]

Jaak in session

February 17, 2007 In Studio No Comments


Jaak came through and ripped up the mic with two verses for two separate tracks. He laced the third verse on KONFAB’s ‘How We Roll‘. The Afrikaans rolling ‘R’ sound is crazy and he exploited it to the maximum. He also finished a track he started a while ago called ‘Oppie Spot Rus’.

Look out for these tracks on the forthcoming Planetary Assault project.

Driemanskap in session

February 8, 2007 In Studio No Comments

Driemanskap & ILS

One of Cape Town’s premier Spaza units, Driemanskap, came through to the studio and tore shit up for the Planetary Assault Project. The track is called ‘Go and Ask (Hamb’ubuza)’ and it’s pure kasi FIRE!

Macho rockin' Butan

Joining Driemanskap was ILS representative Macho. The track was kicked off by Dla who ripped 16 bars, followed by El Nino. Macho came through on the third verse and the track was finished off by Ma-B.

The energy that these cats bring to any situation is crazy, the recording was more like a live show than studio session – I felt like I was sitting in the middle of a tornado. This track is going to become a Cape Flats anthem, trust!

Check out Driemanskap on myspace. Peace to Redondo doing his time in Pollsmore.

KONFAB in studio to record ‘How We Roll’

February 5, 2007 In Studio No Comments

KONFAB recording 'How We Roll'

Another productive weekend. KONFAB, Ben Sharpa, Oracle Flo and aNon came through. Kuti Kult (O-Flo & aNon) recorded ‘Strong (Like Arm & Hammer)’ which came out very nicely, even though neither had ever rhymed over a Grime-tempo track (138 bpm).

KONFAB also killed a new track for the Planetary Assault Mixtape called ‘How We Roll’ – actually, he absolutely smashed it. The track is a club monster with an electronic edge. Not one for Hip Hop purists, but it’s going to be a Pioneer Unit classic.

Ben Sharpa and KONFAB also recorded ‘specials’ bigging up BBC1’s Mary Anne Hobbs. It’s just our way of showing love for all the play we’ve been getting on her show. Sharpa did a special of ‘Into the Black’ and KONFAB did a version of ‘Swart Gevaar’. They also both recorded stings for the show.

Ben Sharpa lays down vocals for Milanese track

January 16, 2007 In Studio No Comments

On Monday night Ben Sharpa was hard at work putting down vocals for a collaboration with ‘UK bass music’ producer, Milanese. Widely regarded as one of the heaviest musicians on the electronic circuit, Milanese has released music on Warp Records, Planet Mu and Seed Records.

The mighty Mary Anne Hobbs put Milanese in touch with us after he heard Ben Sharpa on her Experimental show.

We’re really excited about the opportunity to work with such a heavyweight producer. The track he gave us is sick too. Rest assured that Sharpa killed it! We’re hoping Milanese’s production work will also feature on Ben’s forthcoming album, B. Sharpa.

Milanese on Myspace

Milanese Website

Sharpa recording verse for Milanese
Lyric check (click for larger image).

Sharpa recording verse for Milanese
Sharpa flowin’ (click for larger image).

Sharpa recording verse for Milanese
Whatchu looking at? (click for larger image).

That’s how we rrrrrrrrroll!!


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