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Driemanskap release new single, ‘We Are Not The Same’ Featuring iFani | New Music

We Are Not The Same Ft. iFani

Cape Town spaza superstars, Driemanskap, have released the second single from their highly-anticipated second album, ‘Halala Nam’, which is due out later this year. The track, ‘We Are Not The Same’, features recent SAMA Award winner, iFani.

Driemanskap have made the single available as a free download – get it today!

Download from the following:
MediaFire (9.9 MB)
Hulkshare (9.9 MB)
Data File Host (9.9 MB)
Soundcloud (9.9 MB)

Because we understand that bandwidth and data are precious, we have also made the track available at a smaller size on the following sites:
Kasi MP3 (6 MB)
TwitMusic (6 MB)

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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‘Cape Town Effects’ European tour a massive success

CTFX at Marsatac

We just got back from 2 months on tour in Europe with the ‘Cape Town Effects’ project. In that time we did more than 20 shows as well as many Q&A sessions and workshops at schools and community centres.

‘Cape Town Effects’ is a collaboration between Pioneer Unit and Jarring Effects. The project featured Jaak, El Nino (Driemanskap), Konfab, Tebz (Ben Sharpa’s sister), Ben Sharpa and Redondo (Driemanskap). Production was handled by Led Piperz (France), Dplanet and Big Space. spo0ky handled the visuals for the live show and we toured with Chris (sound engineer) and FX (light technician).

The project was a celebration of Jarring Effects’ 10 years working with South African musicians. It consisted of an album, a tour, a photo exhibition and a documentary called, ‘Mother City Blues’. The project was released as a double CD (containing the documentary) and a double vinyl – both of which are available at our online shop.

We worked incredibly hard to put on great shows where every aspect – from performance, to lighting and visuals, to the sound itself – was given a huge amount of care and attention. It really paid off as the response from crowds was fantastic. It’s amazing to see that language is not a barrier when it comes to people feeling the energy and emotion of the music and performance.

One of the most memorable nights was our final show at Riddim Collision festival in Lyon. It was our ‘home crowd’ as Jarring Effects is based in Lyon. At the end of the show we got the whole JFX family on stage to celebrate all the hard work everyone had put in. Good times!…

Hopefully we’ll be taking the show back to Europe again in June / July for the European summer festival season.

Check out a whole bunch of behind the scenes photos, that give you a real taste of life on tour, on the Cape Town Effect tumblr.

Finally, we’d like to thank everyone at Jarring Effects who worked so hard to realise this project. Big love to Monsieur Mo, Céline, Mel, JB, Vincent, Perrine, Nico, Sylvain, Guillaume, Léa and Emy.

Listen to ‘Cape Town Effects’…

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Ben Sharpa and Gazelle collaborate for Jam Sandwich | Video

August 16, 2013 Collaborations, Video No Comments

Check out the video of Ben Sharpa getting down with Gazelle for SABC 2’s collaborative music show, Jam Sandwich…

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‘Badman’ video featuring Driemanskap, Kanyi & Swedish ‘Kwaai’ crew to premiere on Live Amp this Friday

#badmanvideo Banner

Make sure you tune into Live Amp on SABC1 this coming Friday, 19th July at 9pm, to catch the premiere of ‘Badman’, the first video from the South Africa, Sweden hip hop exchange project, ‘Kwaai’.

Alongside Driemanskap and Kanyi, look out for Syster Sol, Mofeta, Kristin Amparo & Cleo – all well known and respected musicians in Sweden. The hook of the track, which is in Swedish, goes…

“Badman ain’t got a chance in my league /
Chance in my league, chance in my league /
Through the darkness I’ll continue to shine /
Come, come test me…”

Let’s get #badmanvideo and #kwaai trending on Friday when the video plays on Live Amp. If you’re not doing so already, follow @Driemanskap and @Kanyi_Mavi on Twitter.

The ‘KWAAI Worldwide’ album is available worldwide, but if you’re in South Africa you can get it from the South African iTunes store.

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Driemanskap blaze heat with DSO | New music


Check out this brand new single by DSO featuring Driemanskap, ‘Real Recognise Real’. Mashonisa on production.


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‘Badman’ video by KWAAI featuring Driemanskap and Kanyi

In December last year, a group of Swedish musicians came to South Africa to record an album project called KWAAI. The aim of the project was to bring together some of Sweden and South Africa’s finest rappers and producers to create a collaborative album and, later this year, a tour of Sweden. Naturally your boys Driemanskap got all up in the project and did what they do best – kill ish!

The first offering from the project is a track called, ‘Badman’. It features Syster Sol, Mofeta, Kristin Amparo, Cleo, Driemanskap and Kanyi. The beat is by Khosh, who also produced Izulu Lelam, Driemanskap’s first offering from their forthcoming album, Hlala Nam, which drops later this year.

The video was only released last Friday and already has over 15,000 views on Youtube! Check it out below…

Stay tuned for the forthcoming KWAAI album (June 7th) and peep the website: kwaai.nu

Connect with Kwaai on Facebook

Download Badman for free

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Driemanskap collaborating with Mr Cat & The Jackal on SABC2’s Jam Sandwich

Jam Sandwich

Tune into Jam Sandwich this Wednesday 6th Feb at 22:00 to catch Driemanskap and Mr Cat & The Jackal collaborate on a track made specifically for the show.

For those of you that don’t know, Jam Sandwich is SABC2’s ‘reality’ documentary series where musicians from different background are put together to collaborate on a song.

Jam Sandwich opens the door on how musicians work, how they create and what they are really capable of. The viewer gets to witness everything that happens when music is created. The entire creative process; conversations between artists, the choice of song, the laying of the tracks, the rehearsals, the jams, the fights and the successes – it’s all documented and shown to the viewer.

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Pioneer Unit and Jarring Effects to collaborate on ‘Cape Town Effects’


We’re really excited to be working on a new project with our friends at French label, Jarring Effects. The project, ‘Cape Town Effects’, is a cross-continental collaboration between music producers, musicians, emcees and visual artists. The project is due to be released in May 2013, along with multiple European tours, workshops and exhibitions. The show will debut at the highly prestigious Nuits Sonores festival in Lyon.

We have been working with Jarring Effects since 2005 when we released music on ‘Cape Town Beats‘. Since then, we have released 2 full Ben Sharpa albums (‘B. Sharpa‘ and ‘4th Density Light Show‘) as well as contributions to various compilations. Jarring Effects have also facilitated numerous international tours.

‘Cape Town Effects’ is a celebration of Jarring Effects’ 10 years of involvement with Cape Town’s independent music scene and we are proud to be part of it. The project features Led Piperz (Dub Invaders, High Tone), Dplanet (Pure Solid), Big Space, Jaak, El Nino (Driemanskap), Konfab, Tebz, Ben Sharpa & spo0ky (Pure Solid). The project will be overseen by Jarring Effects’ studio boss, Lenfant (R;zatz).

We are currently recording at Red Bull Studios in Cape Town. Big up to Richard, Steve, Jake and Ivan as always!

Also, a big thanks to Aki from Eastern Acoustics for supplying us with a whole host of pro audio gear, including some beautiful Focal Twin6 Be monitors, for the duration of recording.

Check out the Cape Town Effects page on the Jarring Effects site.

Follow our progress on the official Cape Town Effects Tumblr (English and French).

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Rattex collaborates with Jack Parow on track for Eksie Ou Special Edition

Eksie Out Special Edition - Jack Parow

Spaza rapper Rattex recently featured on a collaboration with Jack Parow for the Special Edition re-release of his smash hit album, ‘Eksie Ou’. The track, titled, ‘The Future’, is a banging joint that’s guaranteed to get clubs and festivals going wild.

The special edition of ‘Eksie Ou’ features 6 new tracks including 2 remixes, as well as a one of a kind drinking game for 2-8 players, real dice and a 12 page comic book! It’s a real collectors item.

Eksie Out Special Edition on Kalahari.com

Eksie Out Special Edition on Look & Listen

Eksie Out Special Edition on iTunes South Africa

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Ben Sharpa & Pure Solid feature on JFX Bits #5

JFX Bits #5

After releasing and touring their ‘4th Density Light Show‘ (4DLS) project, Ben Sharpa and Pure Solid once again collaborate on an electro-bass hip hop track featuring Ben’s sister, Tebz, which has come out today on JFX Bits #5.

French independent label, Jarring Effects, have been putting out their ‘JFX Bits’ compilations for 5 years now. They feature a wide array of hip hop, dubstep and electronic productions by some of their favourite artists. Available as an exclusively digital download, the ‘Bits’ concept was brought about to help uncover and expose artists whose work often goes under the mainstream radar and therefore doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

JFX Bits is always free to download, but that is not a reflection of the quality of the music, or the work that has gone into it. 30 artists, 2 art directors, a graphic designer and a sound engineer worked for several months to realise this project.

You are welcome to download the project for free, or you can make a donation if you wish. You can also increase your involvement by sharing the download link with your network of friends and family.


Please note: the page is in French. To download, click the green button that says, ‘TELECHARGER LA JFX BITS #5′. To donate money, click the yellow button that says, ‘Faire un don’.

You can also listen to the project on the Soundcloud player below…

JFX Bits #5 Track List
01 – Shadow Huntaz feat. Skhoo – People in boxes
02 – Dope D.O.D – The Strike
03 – Ben Sharpa & Pure Solid – Quarantine
04 – Oddateee feat Skalla – Gadgets nd Gimmicks
05 – Echo doppler feat Marko MNMS – Musical Collision
06 – Brain Damage Dub Sessions feat Zeb Mcqueen – What you gonna do?
07 – Dub Invaders – Dry invaders
08 – Tetra Hydro K – Decroche (U Stone remix)
09 – Lakay – Dub conception
10 – Mr Zan – La dernière luciole
11 – nÄo – Calibrate
12 – Mat3r Dolorosa – The Way of Samouraï
13 – Sonic Area – Eureka
14 – AlgoRythmiK – Insomnia
15 – Virus Syndicate – Rednek
16 – Ruby My Dear – Canzone
17 – Gameboy Physical Destruction – Planet 93 (Stazma Too Many Dead Punxxx remix)
18 – Signal² – Devil Devil Devil
19 – Sibot – Corner
20 – Thavius Beck – Do the doo
21 – Kptn Nemo – My world
22 – Indigenous Invaders – As long as I C
23 – Duberman – The gift

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