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4DLS Rehearsals at Red Bull Studios, Cape Town

February 24, 2010 In Studio, Music, Video No Comments

4DLS Rehearsal 001

4DLS Rehearsal 002

4DLS Rehearsal 003

4DLS Rehearsal 004

Every night this week I’ve been at the Red Bull Studios in Cape Town with Ben Sharpa, DJ Raiko and spo0ky, rehearsing our new collaborative project, Fourth Density Light Show (4DLS). 4DLS is a collision of freestyle underground lyrical hip hop, improvised electro-dub Robot Army Music (RAM) and analogue impulse triggered visual stimulus. Our ‘band’ consists of Ben Sharpa on vocals and Korg Kaoss Pad, me on Ableton Live and Akai APC40, DJ Raiko on Serrato and SL1200s and spo0ky on VDMX (VJing software).

These sessions are our first rehearsals together after months of planning. We first discussed the project with Ben while we were on tour in Réunion Island in June 2009. Having thought about this for so long now, it’s exciting seeing and hearing it come to life. Our first sessions are all about seeing what we can do together, so it’s a bit chaotic – but that’s just how it goes – we’ll work on polishing and tightening up once we’ve seen where we can take this.

It’s really important for us to maintain a feeling of improvisation throughout the show. So many so-called ‘live’ electronic music sets are a disappointment because there really isn’t that much improvisation – producers often just run their tracks and add a few effects. Obviously tracks need some sense of structure but there is no point going to a live show to hear music exactly the same way it was recorded. Reading the crowd and feeding from, and into, that energy is more important than getting through every track in our set list.

We don’t have plans to release this project as a recording at the moment – it’s just a live show concept. It’s possible we might release a DVD of a live show at some point, but we’ll think about that after we’ve done a few shows.

Ben and Raiko are flying out to France for the start of their latest European tour on March 1st. We’ll resume rehearsals when they come back in May. We hope to start touring 4DLS in the last quarter of 2010. To book 4DLS contact us.

Big ups to Richard and Ivan at Red Bull Studios for making us welcome and taking care of our technical needs. Check out the Red Bull Studios Cape Town blog.

Check out some lo-fi videos of our first rehearsal session…

That’s how we rrrrrrrrroll!!


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